Switching to the nRFMicro

less than 1 minute read

In response to my rants on the low-power wireless situation with the ESP ecosystem, I’ve finally (hopefully :-) ) decided instead to base on the nRF52 platform using Zephyr RTOS. These chips come with onboard low-power wireless radio including the 802.15.4; ideal for short distance networking.

My biggest gripe was that the ecosystem didn’t support hobbyiest level cheap development modules. This is not the case anymore since I found this breakout board project on github. This board can be ordered on PCBWay for like $30 for an assembled 5 bunch.

The board lacks out-of-the box support from Zephyr, but this could easily be solved by an upstream pull-request. Also featuring the board on the Zephyr supported list could bring in some more exposure; I had to ravage through the internet to come across this project!