DOOM Emacs intro

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I’ve always been shuffling around neovim, emacs, vscode. This writeup will explain how I’ve settled on the use of emacs. DOOM Emacs specifically.


It’s github page is accessible DOOM Emacs; documentation here and installation for all platform are accessible here.

DOOM Emacs is a batteries included edition of emacs. Together with which-key and easy language enable features (layers), it has a very intuitive experience which is ideal for the beginner (to command line editior altogether!) I think DOOM’s got a clean modern funky interface too.

The one thing it’s lacking is a newbie friendly guide/intro to using it. In contrast to my opinion; the developers’ hold that DOOM is for an experienced emacs user. I beg to differ as stated above.

To help with this user onboarding issue, when I’ve tried to pick up usage, I’ve scoured the internet to put together a single sheet1 summarising all the essential commands. Accessible here.

Let me know down what’s you favourite newbie friendly emacs edition is?

  1. That’s all the familiarity it requires. That’s how intuitive it is!