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A well known Chinese kits maker Sipeed, has started selling a micro board based on the BL702 chip! With some additional peripherals such as an accelerometer and a pixie LED, the board retails for only 4USD. More information can be found here. It even has the 4 debug pins collated together on one side! Good ergonomics!

Main board with debugger

This release from Sipeed paves way for more exposure and popularity which brings more adoption… And in turn more polished toolset and kits. Looking back into the bl_mcu_sdk after some months, there seems to have been an overhaul on the API. Although I’m against making changes (and breaking user’s codebase), hopefully this brings better convenence and features!

Considering that the ideal target application is battery powered uses, the board does come with a port for battery input. But it lacks capability for LiPO charging. But this could be easily fixed with an external module such as this.

Happy Hacking!